Graduation thesis: how to write it (and why)

Jun - 06

Graduation thesis: how to write it (and why)

Writing the degree thesis includes a series of steps to follow: if you followed our Secret Guide to the Degree Thesis, here we are at the moment when the index must be drawn up. But before that, let’s think about writing the graduation thesis lineup.


Index and lineup: what is the difference?

The ladder is for you to think and write.

The index helps everyone to understand how you thought and how you developed your thoughts.

The lineup must be done at the beginning, the index is the definitive rehash of the lineup, when the whole thesis has taken shape.

It is the first thing to do when you want to become operational, that is, get ready to write. It should be written after drafting the initial project and having made some initial readings that give a general framework of the problem but also input on which research directions to follow.

Having a set list helps to bring ideas into order and give a structure to the whole. The purpose of this operation, preliminary to the actual writing of the thesis, is to circumscribe the object of analysis. It keeps you from going off topic.

Having a set list is a useful starting point to start writing and forces you to organize ideas. Don’t lose sight of the question that motivates the whole job. Thinking about what you are writing as a thorough answer to a well formulated question helps you build a logical thread and a coherent order.


At this stage, the lineup cannot be final yet: so don’t worry if many aspects still appear “smoky”. Don’t fossilize yourself on the stylistic features of your index initially: focus on the contents. You will fix it when you have finished looking for catchy titles and adjusting the format.

With the ladder you will establish:

  • 1 – the contents;
  • 2 – the sources;
  • 3 – the index.

You can easily create the lineup:

  • 1 – thinking about the objective of your thesis;
  • 2 – writing the keywords related to the thesis topic;
  • 3 – re-elaborating the keywords taking into account the objective.

Consider that starting to work on the index will also help you in your relationship with the speaker. Adjusting it together will then allow you to proceed quickly from one chapter to another, without having to wait for further instructions from him.

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